From Bangalore to Music Matters Singapore: Space Behind The Yellow Room

What happens when a band notices a poster on Facebook about a music contest, participates in it and then lets fate take its toll? The band beats hundreds of others who participated and wins the contest and lands themselves at one of the biggest festivals in the world. Sounds too good to be true? This is exactly what happened to Bangalore-based Space Behind The Yellow Room, winners of the Pepsi Unbox contest. The boys from SBTYR performed at Music Matters Live in Singapore alongside winning finalists from other countries like U180 from China, Nhat Thuy from Vietnam and Boom Boom Cash from Thailand.

From meeting the biggest names in the music industry to performing on international soil for the very first time, we spoke to their band right after going live. Here’s what they had to share.

1. FIRST INTERNATIONAL GIG. And that too 2 performances on the same day. How does that feel?

For us, it was a massive deal to play in a different country. And now we want more. We've never done 2 sets back to back (almost) before. We have to admit, we were pretty much dead after the 2 sets. Especially the Fountain Stage. We however pushed ourselves to the limit and gave it our all and it was totally worth it.

2. Does Space Behind The Yellow Room take contests and competitions more seriously now? 

We’ve never really liked the idea of competitions. We don't participate in too many of them. But this one was different. It wasn't like an exam. It was more like a showcase. We must have some good karma saved up because we got selected and that was a completely different feeling. Post the whole experience, we’re just so glad we decided to participate in this one.

3. What was the crowd’s reaction to your set? How different is the crowd at Music Matters Singapore as compared to the crowd back here?

Well, we’re going to try being modest when we say that it looked like they really enjoyed it. Even more so at the main stage than at Crazy Elephant. When you’re up on stage, the audience seems pretty much the same. Either they don't like it at all. Or they really get into it. We personally prefer the second one.

4. Which song did you have the most fun performing and why?

At our gigs, we always play the entire album at a stretch. So, we can't really choose a particular song. But, if we had to it would have to be Call It A Prayer and Fight! Fight! Flight! These tracks especially put us on the edge as we felt them swell up to their signature crescendo.

5. We caught a picture of yours with the legendary Terry Ellis. Some pearls of wisdom you picked from him that you’d like to share with us?

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.24.55 PM

SBTYR with Terry Ellis

Yeah, we spoke to Terry Ellis. It was a super interesting conversation because what he really told us was never allow the business aspect of the industry to get in the way of our creative process. And that coming from the man who’s been instrumental in building the careers of Jethro Tull, David Bowie and many more was something else. But what he said was something that resonates with our ideology and we always want to maintain this viewpoint. 

6. We’re sure you guys met some of the biggest people from the international music circuit. Give us names and give us the stories.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.25.11 PM

SBTYR with Lee Trink

The Music Matters stage gave us access to some very cool people. We met Lee Trink, the manager for Kid Rock. We spoke about the industry in America. But a lot of the conversation didn't really apply to the music scene around here. It's a completely different ball game. And this whole DIY thing, or rather being ‘indie’ in the real sense of the term is a completely new creature out there in the music jungle. People really pushing get their sound out. Labels are dying. People are growing. There’s never been a better time to really push yourself out there.

7. What’s the first thing you guys did post your set? Both the sets.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.36.27 PM

SBTYR live at the Crazy Elephant stage

After Crazy Elephant, we were just drained so we did all that we could to get our energy back for the main stage. Then after the second one, it was a race to run back to the hotel and pack. Shoumik and Devasheesh had early morning flights to catch. We know that story may not make us sound too glamorous. But, then that’s the reality of most concerts. What matter to us and what really counts is the feeling each gig, especially this one left us with. And we’re more than satisfied coming back home with this feeling.

8. Which was your favourite act to catch live at Music Matters 2015

Our first exciting discovery was Cloud Maze from Russia. Michelle Xen from Australia was pretty cool too. There was also Our Man In Berlin (also from Australia) who blew our minds.

9. On and off stage, how different are international bands as compared to our home boys from the Indian indie scene?

We're all the same. We all just have different English accents. 

10. Gibson displayed a streak of generosity with their gear. Tell us more about that bit.


The Gibson SG and the Gibson SB Reissue bass

Gibson India heard that we were going to Music Matters Live and offered to give us a Guitar and a Bass to use at the gigs. When we got there, the guitars were delivered to the hotel. A Gibson SG Guitar and a Gibson SG Reissue Bass were sent across to us. We were more than thrilled to use them. Must say we were not at all disappointed with that sweet sound. Dev and Eshaan sure had the greatest time.

11. Other than Music Matters, tell us about the highlights at Singapore.

Meeting new people from the music community and otherwise was the highlight during and after the festival. Singapore is a great place and we really wish we had more time to explore the place but then the schedule was tight.

12. If you had to summarise the whole experience in one sentence, how would you do it?

One sentence? Well, here goes. We lived through 'Conversations that Determine a Life'.

Space Behind the Yellow Room is Shoumik Biswas on Drums/Vocals, Devasheesh Sharma on Guitar, Nihar Apte on Guitar and Eshaan Sood on Bass. Catch their first gig in India post Music Matters at #Ribbit on the 28th of this month. More details here.

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